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Being ‘tough’ is more than just the physical. Building mental resilience and the mental health of our community is key - now, more than ever before.

This is why we have chosen to partner with I Am Hope.

I Am Hope is The Key To Life Charitable Trust, an in-school and community, mental health program for all kids across New Zealand.  Their aim is to forever change the way our kids think, act, and feel about mental illness and mental well-being. 


The Key To Life Charitable Trust came about when Mike King visited Taipa Area School in the Far North where five kids had taken their lives within five months.  Since 2013 the team have spoken to over 300,000 kids from Bluff to Kaitaia.  Their message to all kids, is about the overactive inner critic - the voice inside our heads that has us second-guessing everything we do, the voice of doubt that beats us up and tells us we’re failures, that we’re substandard, or even worthless.  Having an overactive inner critic is not a sign of mental illness, it’s a sign that we’re normal. Our job is to let the people, the youth, the children of Aotearoa know that dealing with their inner critic is something all of us experience everyday of our lives. 

Support our cause and find out more at I Am Hope | New Zealand

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